We’re living in unprecedented times as COVID-19 is impacting everyone around the world and every aspect of our daily lives: how we work, our social interactions, our family life and our communities and it has been challenging for all of us.

Technologies tools like iCent® play a big role in keeping our institution clients well connected with international students. In an effort to spread safety awareness and institute specific re-arrangements that are being made for international students travelling from and to, around the world, we are adding an additional app menu called ‘COVID-19 updates’ in all client apps. Please feel free to make further updates to the menu as required. Assistance required if any, please contact support@icentapp.com

We are using technology tool, to connect, collaborate and maintain productivity. Our priority is to support our clients, and to ensure on time quality delivery. COVID-19 times has been extremely busy for us with supporting iCent Champions at various client institutions with making updates to their apps with relevant information. We want to let you know, we are working from home but fully operational and ready to help our clients anytime. We have deployed additional staff until 2020, July 31st to help serve clients well in time. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Thank You!

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