iCent is a multipurpose tool which provides solutions for efficient Integrated Workplace Management. See below for the many ways iCent can provide you with the tools for your Workplace Management System needs.

Screening and Self Assessment Screening and Self Assessment

With our COVID Safe Canada program, many of our clients use the iCent app to help their employees and students return to work and school safely. By using a custom branded app to collect Self-Assessment Questionnaires to assess end-user well being and deliver information directly to the palm of their hand – public institutions and businesses can operate and re-open safely in the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Space Booking and Security Support Space Booking and Security Support

iCent can integrate a Workplace Management System to help end-users reserve workspaces at the office or on campus. As an organization aiming to optimize for safety, there are many factors to keep in mind when it comes to the safety of your employees and students. With iCent tools, you can limit space capacity, ensure bookable spaces are not booked back-to-back, securely track who has gained entry to your space, and report on space usage.

The iCent Workplace Management System (iWMS) allows organizations to optimize for safety and productivity. Our WMS is a fully integrated workplace reservation tool where end-users can browse all available workspaces in your buildings to reserve at a specific time once the appropriate safety measures are met (i.e. Negative COVID-19 test results). Additionally, administrators have full autonomy with respect to capacity limits and the workflows in place to allow end-users back in physical places.

Document Management System Document Management System (DMS)

The iCent DMS module aids in implementing a comprehensive approval process for re-entry into workspaces. In some cases, administrators may need to review documents submitted by users to authorize entry into workspaces (i.e. Negative COVID-19 test result, Screening form, etc.). The iCent DMS module can collect documents securely from users and assign a status for the submission based on review. For example, documents can be held in pending, approved, or declined status based on administrator discretion. Once the status of document is updated, a notification will be sent to the user instantly.

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