Post-Pandemic Recovery Projects

With the COVID-19 Pandemic end in sight, many public institutions and corporates are looking for a clear path forward for safe reopening and reintegration. The following are some ways iCent seeks to aid in the process for recovery.

Outbreak Management Outbreak Management

With the use of iCent’s employee screening tools, clients intend to collect user responses with regards to their wellbeing. Some information that clients would require from employees include: the appearance of any symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test result.

Using iCent push notifications, outbreak announcements can be managed to all users or a targeted audience depending on the situation (iCent would have the capability of back-tracking or tracking who worked when and alert mechanism)

Finally, with the use of reporting capabilities, public health compliances can be achieved through creating summary reports of the count of outbreaks and the subsequent actions taken.

Document Verification Document Verification

The iCent document verification tool allows clients and end users to create document templates that allow administrators to cross-check and verify user submitted documents as per business standards applicable. With our current partnership with Languages Canada, we hope to see this system being integrated with CBSA within the coming year to make the verification of institutional required documents at the border more seamless.

Another use case of this feature for the document verification is for organizations mandating vaccinations for reopening (i.e., campuses with students and employees for return to work). To assist our current and future clients, iCent plans to a incorporate a document verification ecosystem to aid in reopening and post-pandemic recovery.

Reservation Scheduler Reservation Scheduler

Further enhancements to the workspace reservation system (WMS) include the capacity for automatic and efficient workspace reservation for end users.

What we plan into introduce is a workflow that allows end users to upload their work schedules. By uploading work schedules to the iCent app, the system can cross-check the availability of their preferred workspace and send the user a notification to when their preferred workspace becomes available.

User Engagement & Support

In-App Audio and Visual Calling In-App Audio and Visual Calling

During the COVID-19 pandemic, iCent launched pilot outbound calling services for quarantine daily check-ins to support clients with their DLI readiness plans. To scale up the project and to avoid third-party services for calling (i.e., toll free numbers that users may not recognize); iCent hopes to integrate an in-app calling feature that can concurrently incorporate video options. This feature can assist in two major ways: 1) to help admins to get in touch with end users without even needing the end user to share his/her phone number and 2) for end users to get engage with iCent support more efficiently.

AI-Based Automation

Action Based Reminders Action Based Reminders

By measuring user app usage, the system will be able to infer user’s next steps on the app and provide suggestions and set automatic reminders. For example, if users have submitted a negative COVID-19 result the app will automatically suggest the user to book a workspace. Coupled with the Reservation Scheduler feature mentioned above, users will be automatically suggested workspaces based on their work schedules.

Reporting Analytics

Reporting and analytics can be a tedious task for any organization and is prone to human error. At iCent, we have streamlined the process and have created a comprehensive and customizable solution to cater to unique reporting needs.

iCent has the capability to create workflows to automatically take inputs of certain actions taken on the app (i.e., push notifications, chat responses, etc.) and compose app usage and engagement reports directly to administrators and decision makers. Furthermore, the workflow can be configured to send reports daily, weekly or monthly to a specified email.

Additionally, the Adhoc Report Scheduler allows automatic exports of user submissions as an excel spreadsheet or csv file to a specified email. Likewise, reports can be sent daily, weekly or monthly. Furthermore, the reports can be configured to send incremental data for a specified calendar period that the administrator can set.

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